A Dutch hamradio station in a bookbinding workshop

Velleman FM Radio MK118 kit

A tiny kit was build for receiving news broadcasts. However tuning the thing was hard and needed special trimming screwdrivers as it turned out. Coarse tuning is done by the left pot after which fine tuning has to be done at the trimming capacitor on the top middle. Even with special equipement it was hard to do.

The next picture shows a removed capacitive trimmer replaced bij a very nice variable capacitor thus coming to a more comfortable tuning.

A housing was found that I had in stock for a long time, the print, however, was to large to fit in. So I cut of the right part of and re-arranged the ‘cut-off’ components on the remaining part of the board.

The next pictures show the housing inside. It turned out to be a very enjoyable radio when in the enclosure. Just what I wanted it for: news broadcasts.

As an antenna I use a 2 meter long wire.

More comfortable tuning

The original tuning pot was replaced by a ten-turns pot. Thus providing a tuning scale as well.