A Dutch hamradio station in a bookbinding workshop

Velleman digital FM radio MK-194

Another kit by Velleman. It is very easy to build and a great radio. The kit consists of a prefab FM tuner which is controlled by a pic. Only a smal circuit has to be build with a voltage regulator and the digital control. The audio comes from a little amplifier which has to be constructed as well. As an antenna about 50 cm of wire is included in de kit. Finally I found a telescopic antenna in my junkbox which is now again used for reception of signals.

I added a headphone connector making sure not to damage the circuit board.

The housing was build of cardboard in several layers and coated with artificial leather normally used as book-cloth.

The above model has been given away

Actually I already gave away 2 of those. So I had to build another one for myself. A 12 Volt power input was inserted as an extra. Some foam gives a better audio performance. The housing this time was made of PCB.