A Dutch hamradio station in a bookbinding workshop

LL-tuners & meters

Kees/PA0LL, unfortunately Kees is SK, made a S-match tuner for me some years ago. Some time later he changed it into a "LL-single-L" tuner as he called it. Giving me a wider range of impedances. An unbalanced antenna connector was later added.

His latest is an even nicer tuner, his so called Hex-tuner. I had the opportunity to use one of those some time ago. A very nice experiënce.

A rough schematic of the LL-single-L has been added to the Gallery above right.

The LL-Tuner

On the right another of Kees 's products: the LL-tuner

A very good performing tuner. All handcrafted by Kees/PA0LL

Antenna current indicator

The antenna current indicator is a useful instrument to check the antenna current in both feeders (when using symmetrical line feeders) of your antenna. Also it's possible to see wether the current in both feeders is equal. Two sets of led-lights for each line.