A Dutch hamradio station in a bookbinding workshop

The MacKey

Some time ago a neighbor brought me a box with “leftovers” from his shack. Among those things a key handcrafted by ON4MAC. A wonderful piece not only to look at, but also superb instrument to use in radio-communications. I find it even better than the Marconi 365 I have been looking for over the last years.

I’m sorry to say that I do not like the original knob very much. A simple replacement solved this minor problem. I’m very fond of handmade knobs in leather. The original knob is better looking though!

And then, all of a sudden, the thought came to my mind: why not cover the original knob in leather?
It’ll be done someday.

Not the original knob but a new one. The wooden base got loose, so I removed it and added another leather detail. Now there's more room on the table. Hi.

In one of the pictures I added a Kent key to show how large the MacKey is.