The Aviodrome is an aviation museum in Lelystad in our country. I do visit the radioroom in the museum sometimes when a friend of mine is on duty there. Every now and then we experience special adventures like in the video.

    At Aviodrome / PI4ADL

    Today (october 6 2012) I connected my homebrew so called KIWA-key to the BC-191 transmitter which is in the radio-room at the Aviodrome in Lelystad. Why I was filming I really don’t know. But anyway it has been recorded and something became clear: Why a radio telegraphist is called a "sparks"

    Automatic antenna tuning

    Auto tuning has been done quite a while ago. In the movieclip the ART13 (I think this tx is from the 30ties) transmitter tunes itself to a preset channel. The transmitter was build by Collins Radio and used in and after WW II.